Hvilken fagforening eller a-kasse passer dig?

Accommodation and food tray was founded in 1919 and is for anyone who works in a hotel, restaurant or in other parts of the tourism industry.

Becoming a member of the Union Hotel and Restaurant Means You get the help, support and advice in matters Relating to your employment. If you experience problems and conflicts in the workplace Helps the hotel and restaurant trade you even with advice on how to handle the situation and standing behind you to help you get what you are Entitled to in your contract of employment. If You have a permanent job as a cook, who definatley Summer Jobs as cleaners in hotels or with any other type of employment in the industry are receiving aid of HRF are Concerned about your rights.

How much it costs to Be a member of HRF Depends on how much you earn per month before taxes. This solidarity systems Means That You are on maternity leave, zig leave or unemployed, a lower fee During the period, you'll Have the Reduced Salary.

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